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[8FEB][CSA] Last Flight to Ostrava

Posted: 28 Jan 2019 20:13
by vojtech.strupl
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Dear friends,
as you probably know, Czech Airlines has closed their domestic line from Prague to Ostrava, which had been operated for over 60 years. At Friday, line from Prague to KoŇ°ice (with stop at Bratislava) has also been closed. And lastly, at 21st of January, last domestic line from Prague to Karlovy Vary has been also closed.
Next event will be held in honor of these closed lines, and to be specific, the line from Prague to Ostrava. Objective of this event is nothing more than perform a flight from Prague to Ostrava, or vice versa. We recommend using ATR 42 which has been used regularly for this line. Event will take place at 8.2.2019, 1800z.
We will try to arrange ATC coverage at IVAO and VATSIM network.