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Post by BingoRO » 16 Apr 2018 20:57

Hi there, as CSA is ~80% owned by TVS and as you can see on fr24 a lot of their flights are operated with TVS planes is it possible to add the option to choose TVS planes for CSA flights? thx. :)

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Re: Fleet

Post by jan.podlipsky » 17 Aug 2018 12:37


sorry for late reply, but I have completely missed your topic.

We are following the real operations of both airlines. And we have established a rule that the flight is located on that VA, which "owns" that aircraft. So all CSA flights flown with TVS plane and crew are located at TVS Virtual. And if there will be any TVS flight flown by CSA plane, then it will be at CSA Virtual.

I hope I've explaned it in a clear way :D


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