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Name: David Katona

TPC - A320

Post by david.katona » 04 Feb 2018 19:51

Hi everyone,

Although Travel Service is mainly B737, but for the A320 drivers out there I thought I'd mention I have published a free take-off performance calculator and weight&balance tool (the latter is for FSLABS only).

I am sure many people are happy with topcat, however for the few people how like to do flight preparation things on tablet or phone, rather than the computer they're running the simulator on, this web solution might be interesting.

Kind regards,

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Name: Dominik Novák

Re: TPC - A320

Post by Dominik.Novak » 17 Aug 2018 11:27


as long as CSA operates many A319s, this may be very usegull!

THX for sharing!

And 1 more question, if you have all necessary data, would you be able to write same thing for B737? :-)
Dominik NOVÁK
Chief Pilot

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